Welcome to the All About Me Binder website!

The All About Me binder is a resource tool for parents of children with Special Needs.  This physical binder is printed by local Social Service agencies throughout Langley, BC and distributed FOR FREE to parents of young children with newly diagnosed medical, developmental, or psychological struggles that are or may be long lasting.  The binder contains several chapters of information that is useful to parents of children at various ages and stages, as well as MANY forms where parents may document important information about their child so that sharing this information with multiple doctors and professionals is easy.  The binder also has sections for parents to store reports and assessment results from doctors, hospitals, agencies, schools, etc.

The All About Me binder WEBSITE is simply our way of providing the updated binder content to families FOR FREE.   Here you will find that each section of the binder can be easily printed, so it’s easy for ANY parent to create their OWN All About Me binder for their own child.  Also, many pages are provided in MS Word format, enabling parents to save a “working copy” of these documents so they can easily update and print changes over time.

If you like the All About Me binder that has been developed for families in Langley, BC and would like to work with us to create a binder for YOUR home community, please contact us!