• What does it cost?
    The All About Me binder is free to families with a young child newly diagnosed with a developmental disability or chronic illness, living in the cities of Langley British Columbia, Canada.
  • Where can I get a fully assembled AAMe Binder?
    Free copies of the AAMe Binder are distributed by the Langley Child Development Centre. Please contact Cora Boecker, IDP Supervisor at Langley Children’s Society 604-534-1155 ext.108 or by e-mail cboecker@langleycdc.com.
  • Can I just download and build my own binder?
    Yes! You are welcome to download and print your own copy of the AAMe binder contents. Most sections are included here in PDF as well as in MS Word so that you can fill in the blanks, save a working copy, and update your pages any time you need them.
  • Are there binders for other communities?
    At this point in time, no. We hope that eventually, other communities will want to become part of the AAMe binder network, and they too will assemble similar binders, with community specific resources to share with their citizens. But for now, this binder is mostly relevant to those who live in Langley, BC. If you would like YOUR community outside of Langley BC to have it’s own AAMe binder, and a similar page on this website, please contact Cora Boecker at cboecker@langleycdc.com or the Langley CDC to share you interests and to plan some meetings!
  • Why are there some businesses listed in the binder?
    One of the unique features of the FREE AAMe binder project is that it has become largely self-sustaining! Several agencies, as well as many local businesses have joined efforts to raise funds necessary to sustain the production and distribution of binders every few years. As such, we are proud to recognize the support of these agencies and businesses on our website and binder.
  • How can my agency or business become listed in the binder?
    We would be happy to include your agency or business in the next printing of the AAMe binder! All it takes is a cash or ‘in kind’ donation towards the initiatives of th AAMe binder project. Please contact Cora Boecker at cboecker@langleycdc.com to express your interest in supporting this important community project.